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 Dragon Master War - Sign Up
 Posted: Nov 2 2012, 04:10 PM
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(This is copied and pasted from my EC Forum on Howrse)

Note, Karkanhites are my own creations, and are the 'descendants' of the 8 Great Dragons of Ljus, and thus have obtained their powers.

Karkanhites, known in Ljusian History as the Dragon Masters, were created as gifts for the Great Dragons by Agin, the Legendary Dragon, previously the Wind Dragon, as peace reined across Ljus once more. Each Great Dragon received a Karkanhite to call their own, except the Plant Dragon who received two for staying out of the Dragon War. The Karkanhites also received a gift, the power of their Dragons element (see below for list of elements). These powers included utilising the element into attacks, causing the element to appear, the list goes on. But with this power, also came the ability to talk to Dragons, hence the name 'Dragon Masters'. As for appearance, they look like any normal human would do. The Original Karkanhites however, look the same, bar the colour of their hair and eyes. They stand at 5'10", skinny enough to run fast, but muscular enough to easily hold their own in a fight. In general, they are peaceful, except proven in the background below.

List of Elements and Great Dragons:
~Dark (Nawa)
~Earth (Laate)
~Electric (Romos)
~Fire (Pyye)
~Metal (Logam)
~Plant (Quta)
~Water (Viz)
~Legendary/Wind (Agin)


After the Great Dragon War, the Karkanhites inhabited Ljus, gaining more knowledge about it's past, and its potential future. The nine Karkanhites: Aeir, Glaesra, Irak, Keba, Listrik, Mio, Tana, Telinga and Vant, lived in harmony with each other, establishing trades and explorations. Their friendship grew, and with that so did their powers.

But that's where it went wrong. As they gained power, they lost sight of their original idea: To enforce the Great Dragons rule of peace. Like the Great Dragons, teams began to form, and competitions of power began to emerge. These competitions became more and more violent, and evidently more deadly. In one battle, Tana threw herself between Irak and Mio, The Dark and Metal Karkanhites killing her almost instantly. Irak instantly blamed Mio for Tana's death, despite it being half his fault as well. The Metal Karkanhite instantly denied the allegations, and said the truth. Blinded by power, Irak called Mio a traitor to the law, and sought it best that Tana's death would be best avenged by the death of her killers.

Vant instantly stepped in just as Irak lunged at Mio, holding the Dark Karkanhite back. Vant commanded Mio to run, to hide, to get as far away from their location as possible. The Metal Karkanhite agreed, and took off, taking the form of his dragon creator. In a fit of rage, Irak killed Vant on the spot, and took his position as Lead Karkanhite. Out of fear, the others agreed to follow Irak.

They did everything he commanded, until it came to the hunting and killing of Mio. They agreed to search for Mio, and they left. Many years passed, and they never returned.

All of them had vanished. Until now.

But at that point it's nearly too late. Irak has become clouded by power, killing those who dare stand in his way. News of this reached the Karkanhites. Knowing Irak has to be stopped, they banded together, gathering their descendants to create a force, hopefully worthy of removing Irak from Ljus for good.


So that's the background story. You can either sign up as one of the original Karkanhites, or you can be one of their descendants. All the original Karkanhites look the same, bar the colour of their hair, which is based off their element. For example, Mio (Metal Karkanhite) has silver hair, where as Listrik (Lightning Karkanhite) has pale yellow hair. Their descendants have a mixture of their two parent elements. For example, one descendant of Mio and Aeir (Water Karkanhite) would have the power over metal and water, but not to the extent of their parents. All can transform into a dragon form resembling their element.

So, here are the Original Karkanhites you can sign up as:
(All stand at the same height (5'10" ), with short hair for males, and shoulder length hair for females. Their eye colour is their element colour but darker.)

Name: Aeir
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Element: Water
Hair Colour: Aqua Blue
Eye Colour: Navy Blue
Great Dragon: Viz

Name: Glaesra
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Element: Plant
Hair Colour: Leaf Green
Eye Colour: Dark Green
Great Dragon: Quta

Name: Keba
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Element: Fire
Hair Colour: Bright Red
Eye Colour: Burgundy
Great Dragon: Pyye

Name: Listrik
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Element: Electric
Hair Colour: Pale Yellow
Eye Colour: Dark Gold
Great Dragon: Romos

Name: Mio
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Element: Metal
Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Dark Grey
Great Dragon: Logam

Name: Telinga
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Element: Earth
Hair Colour: Hazel
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Great Dragon: Laate

So these are the Original Karkanhites. If you do sign up as one, you can choose what they wear and their personalities, plus their dragon forms. The Great Dragons watch over their Karkanhites, so be sure to pray to them for support.

The descendants have 2 elements, and no more, and their appearance can vary unlike their parents. Their hair colour passes down, sometimes having a mix of two hair colours. Otherwise, they can look completely different from their parents.

So I bet you're wondering how to sign up... Well here you go!

Original Karkanhite:

Appearance Human:
Appearance Dragon:


Appearance Human:
Appearance Dragon:

**Remember! Anyone can sign up as a descendant, so don't throw a hissy fit if someone signs up as a child of your Original Karkanhite.**

~Descendants can only have 2 elements, no more.
~No 'RPO' or anything of the sort for personality.
~No power playing.
~Weapons are basic, so swords, halberds, magic staffs e.t.c, no guns.
~No extreme scenes of blood/gore e.t.c
~You can change sides if you want. If you do, then others can kill you/you kill others, but ask permission first.
~You cannot sign up with Dark or Legendary/Wind as an element, as Vant (Legendary/Wind) has been killed and Irak (Dark) is on the opposing side.

I believe that is it... Please keep watch to see if someone has signed up as one of the originals, as there can only be one. Erm yeah. Any signer upers?

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