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 Posted: Jul 14 2012, 11:56 PM
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Okay, so the title lies, but I couldn't think of anything else to name this thread. Here is a spot to post 1v1 or 2v2 practice battles (or grudge battles or challenges or anything similar) between squads.

Normally such things would be posted in the main RPG, but in most cases the main storyline follows only a few characters at a time. Thus, every character (some more than others) has a period of downtime. And during this downtime, they could be choosing to train against each other.

As such, battles here would not directly interfere with the main storyline, but they will indirectly affect the story in various ways. For instance, if a fighter breaks a leg here, their leg will have been broken in the main RPG as well, or if Jade decides to punch Midnight again, the Midnight in the main RPG is going to remember being punched.

Jade and Midnight are obvious choices of course, but everyone is open here. I'd prefer to keep the battles using no more than 4 characters total, although whether it ends up as a 1v3, 2v2, 1v1v1v1, or even 1v1v2, I don't care. Teams could consist of members within one squad, multiple squads, or even Burakki (although not Kalus, unless Burakki/Jade/Midnight are already present).

Think of this as a way to test new moves or strategies, or to create a pair of characters in different squads who know how to easily fight alongside one another.

There are three possible areas to fight in. Two of them are inside Mt. Pyre, both bieng flat training rooms, one being small and the other large. Normally there are no objects within the room, but obstacles can be set up if desired. The third area is outdoors, south of Mt. Pyre, where the battle between Burakki, Kalus, Midnight, Jade, and Lightswift occured (a slightly hilly clearing surrounded by trees- the battles could take place in the trees nearby as well). You could in theory choose other areas to fight, but if they are outdoors you risk the chance of Firebolt (or Winter Ninetales or Blackwing) attack and if it is inside the base you could damage something.

For now, I'll list my fifteen squad members and who they would prefer to fight the most.

Scarlet- anyone of high skill, any number of allies or opponents
Ebony- any non-Umbreon, no allies, 1 or 2 opponents
Jade- Midnight (Flareon), Kaien, Gorz, Nadel, or Burakki, no allies, 1v1 only (some exceptions for high-skill 2v2 battles or if Meadow is an ally)
Midnight- anyone, any number of allies or opponents
Flare- any non-Espeon, 1v1 only
Saph- none (only trains alone- may accept challenges however)
Snowflake- any non-Flareon, preferably 2v2 with any male as an ally (especially Ice)
Moss- anyone of low or moderate skill, any number of allies or opponents
Spark- anyone, preferably no allies (except Volt) but 1, 2, or 3 opponents
Ice- anyone, especially of a higher skill level, any number of allies or opponents
Twilight- anyone of low or moderate skill level, preferably 2v2
Volt- any non-Jolteon, any number of allies or opponents
Meadow- anyone, any number of allies (Jade is a preferred ally) or opponents
Crimson- anyone of a high skill level, no allies, preferably 2 or 3 opponents
Leaf- none (only trains alone and will not accept challenges except from another Leafeon)

Also, Scarlet, Jade, and Crimson will only fight outdoors, and Spark prefers fighting outdoors.

Just post a challenger, who is being challenged, any allies for either side (challenger decides), the location, and start the battle off. If this works well enough I may make a new sub-forum just for these battles.

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