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 The (second) New Beginning, Similar story, but updated
 Posted: Nov 6 2013, 12:15 AM
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This is going to have the same general storyline as The New Beginning, but with some major changes. So the first few chapters of that fanfic will be at elast somewhat similar to the first few chapters of this one. Same giant contest thing, same former Eevee Elite main character who is on the run (although it won't be Sol), same evil rich Eeveelution girls, but without the major mistake I made early on in the previous story- after all, the police wouldn't have given up the chase during the prologue just after wrecking one car, would they?

In short, the Brotherhood still won the war. The beginning of this story takes place right around the time of Sleet's first Glaceon in Love story- so this is well before the 4th War and Alpha Squadron. No Alpha characters will be appearing in this story.

The main difference will be the character names. Instead of simply reusing names whenever I feel like it, this fanfic will try and make use of less-used names so as to cut away confusion when in the somewhat distant future, the characters here meet up with Alpha Squad, either also becoming Alphas or becoming Beta Squadron.

This time around, instead of another Sol, the main character will be a young Jolteon by the name of Blitz. I've been meaning to add Blitz in somewhere, so here he is! Blitz is a Magnetism Jolteon, but seeing as he has never met Spark/Sparky and was born only slightly before Nikila's death, he lacks Railgun. Probably a good thing considering he isn't supposed to kill anyone in the arenas......

Previously, the seven Eeveelution girls were Aurora, Static, Cinder, Mirage, Midnight, Heather, and Crystal. This time around, for less confusion and to leave out important names (Mirage, Midnight), they will be Aurora, Static, Ruby, Dawn, Luna, Ivy, and Crystal. In addition, I'm adding an 8th Eeveelution to the mix- Angel, a Sylveon. She could be quite important in the future. Apart from Dawn and Angel, and to an extent Aurora, these are some truly vicious girls. Needless to say, several of them will hate Blitz from the moment they set eyes on him. (Ignore any name similarities between these girls and Sleet's female friends in Sinnoh- while those friends may be important in the fourth war, these girls (other than Angel) will never show up outside of the arenas.

So yeah. Here's the prologue. Sorry if it's quick and poorly written, I'm on a bit of a time crunch......
It was the most painful experience of a young male Jolteon's life so far.

He had been flying a small recon helicopter called an OH-something-or-other. He didn't really know what it was called, other than that it was an observation helicopter and it was unarmed. However, he really didn't know how to fly a helicopter very well...... and to make things worse, the helicopter was both poorly maintained and being shot at by an attack helicopter that was following him, an AH-64 I-don't-know-what-it's-called-but-it-has-a-lot-of-missiles. (The Jolteon doesn't know this, but his helicopter is a OH-58 Kiowa and the attacker is an AH-64 Apache Longbow)

Needless to say, his helicopter had a meeting with some cannon shells, then a meeting with some trees, and finally a meeting with the ground. It was no longer usable. In fact, it barely even looked like a helicopter anymore.

The young Jolteon had hit his head on the dashboard of the helicopter when it hit the ground, giving him a concussion and a huge bruise. In addition, the helicopter was on fire, and in the time it took him to regain his senses and get out of the helicopter he was burned along his right hip and right rear leg.

Hence the most painful experience of his life so far.

On the bright side, at least the enemy helicopter had assumed the crash killed him and returned to wherever its base was.

The Jolteon's name was Blitz. Blitz was a former Eevee Elite member, who had completed basic training about two months before the long and bloody Third War had ended with the Brotherhood of Makuta victorious. As his team had lost, and more than 95% of the team had been killed, he was effectively on his own.

He had managed to fly his OH-something-or-other from Sinnoh to Oblivia, where he had landed at a public airport to refuel before heading north to Fiore. At the coast, he was intercepted by a naval destroyer, which he escaped from. However, the destroyer had marked him on radar and shortly afterwards he was attacked by the AH-64 attack helicopter. He had crashed somewhere on the peninsula just to the south of Ring Town.

He had come here just off of a gut feeling, like maybe there was something here that he could use to his advantage. But he didn't know what that might be, or if he'd just wasted a lot of time.

He started by simply limping off away from his crashed helicopter in a random direction. Due to the burns, he could barely use one of his legs, so he couldn't move very fast. Plus, he was in the middle of a forest, and the undergrowth severely hampered his progress and tore at his burns, leaving him in even worse condition.

He had no idea how long he limped along. It felt like an eternity to him, 12 or 14 hours or more. Going off of the positions of the sun, however, he only spent about four hours walking from his crash site until he found something.

As he walked over an especially painfull hill covered with thorn bushes, he saw something up ahead. A clearing. A huge, huge clearing full of buildings, some of which looked like huge arenas. And houses, shops, restaurants, theaters, and most importantly of all, a hospital.

He didn't know what this town was, other than that it wasn't Ring Town.

He just knew that this place was going to be where he hid from the Brotherhood for the near future.

Little did he know that his pain was only just beginning.

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