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 Signature Moves
 Posted: Aug 12 2014, 11:20 PM
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The term "Signature Move" has two different meaning, but in general, a signature move is a move that is unique to a small number of individuals.

The most common form of signature move is a standard move in the Pokemon world that can't normally be learned by an Eeveelution, but for whatever reason one or more Eeveelutions do actually know the move. Two examples of this kind of move would be a Jolteon with Volt Tackle or a Leafeon with Seed Bomb.

The less-common form of signature move, and the much more fun one to roleplay with, is the custom move. And that is what this thread will focus on.

Custom moves are just that- customized attacks that you have created. They can be alterations of standard attacks, such as the Thunder Tackle variant of Volt Tackle, or they can be entirely new moves, such as my common and highly damaging Glaceon attack, Flash Freeze.

I should point out that most Eevee, due to their younger age, lack signature moves of either kind.

So now, a list of some of the more common Eevee Elite signature moves, along with some less common but really cool ones.

-> Mostly improved versions of standard attacks, especially Quick Attack
-> Occasionally for the Eevees who wish to train as a medic, they will create a Normal-type healing move
-> Rarely, for the higher-level Eevees who do not wish to evolve, a normal-type pulse attack similar to Dark Pulse is utilized for area-effect attacks

-> As I hardly ever use Vaporeon, I really don't have any signature moves for one......

-> Thunder Tackle (Volt Tackle variant)- lower damage, lower recoil, high accuracy Volt Tackle
-> Flash Tackle (Volt Tackle variant)- slightly lower damage than Thunder Tackle, minimal recoil, standard accuracy, user creates a bright flash on impact with target that may stun foes in the same fashion as a flash grenade
-> Lightning Strike- User must charge up the move for a couple seconds before calling down a full lightning strike on the target. Extremely high energy usage, slightly low accuracy. Guaranteed to paralyze, tremendous damage, sometimes may instantly kill the target. Most mid-level Jolteon can only use this attack two or three times a day before the energy drain knocks them out.
-> Mag-Kinesis- User utilizes the magnetic fields created by their electricity to pull metal objects towards them, or to launch those objects at foes.
-> Iron Sand Sword- User creates a strong magnetic field in the shape of a sword, which draws iron particles out of the ground and forms them into the shape of a sword. The iron particles vibrate extremely fast, giving the sword a very high cutting ability. High-end users can change the shape of the magnetic field to make allow it to bend in weird fashions, potentially making a whip out of the iron sand.
-> Railgun- Requires Skill 55, requires Mag-Kinesis sig move. User must remain still throughout duration of attack. Low accuracy, as once the magnetic fields are set up they can't be easily moved to track moving targets, however a near-miss will still damage the target. High energy drain. User creates a very strong alternating-polarity magnetic field, which is then used to accelerate metal objects (usually iron coins) to extremely high speeds. These objects travel so fast that they have very high penetrating qualities, so the move will break all protective barriers including the move Protect. High-level versions of the move launch the coins so fast they create plasma in their wake, possibly burning the user and others near the projectile's flight path. Most versions of the move are an instant kill on most Pokemon.

-> Wildfire- a Fire-type version of Flash Freeze, which is detailed later. Short charging period, moderately high energy usage. User charges up fire, which creates a telltale orange ring around their body that moves from the tip of their tail to their nose, where the attack becomes fully charged. User then releases a very fast-moving burst of fire, which travels out to short range for significant damage with a significant kinetic impact to knock the foe over. High chance of burning target.
-> Plasma- all standard fire attacks and most signature moves can be upgraded to use plasma by taking the Plasma skill. This increases their energy requirements by 5x as the normal fire must be compressed into plasma, but also doubles their chances of causing a burn and triples their damage, while slightly decreasing range. Plasma-Fire Blasts, Plasma Fireballs and Plasma Wildfire attacks require extremely high amounts of energy but cause enormous damage. Plasma Overheat has even more severe drawbacks (-3 Special Attack instead of -2) and requires an insane amount of energy, but is a potential instant kill o anyone weak to fire.
-> Fireball- User creates and launches a large fireball that explodes on impact. The fireball moves very slowly and thus has a very low accuracy, but does high damage.
-> Flare- User launches a small fireball upwards like a mortar, where it splits into several Ember attacks that will rain down on a target area from above. High-end moves use explosive Ember attacks for better damage. Can't use plasma. Attack will fly high enough to clear a four-story building and strike targets on the other side.

To be continued.

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