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 August 5th, 2014, Announcement 11
 Posted: Aug 5 2014, 10:04 PM
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It's been a long time, hasn't it? Five years since this all started? Six? Maybe even seven?

In any case, here's the newest site announcement.

Forum registration has been reopened, but it requires admin approval. That way if the spambots come back they won't be able to do anything. Just leave a message in either the chatbox or on my Facebook page, or if you're on GPX+ you can send me a message there too. That way, I know there's someone waiting for approval...... otherwise, I might forget to check the validation list.

Now then, soon everything that used to be important, excluding fanfiction and a few other threads, is going to be either archived or deleted.

In addition, three of the previous members have been demoted. Lavender and Tessi are now regular members, and Gorz is a moderator. I am now the supreme ruler.

New sign-ups will be created soon, and the rules will be edited to take any changes in the sign-ups into account. I already have an idea for how to regulate some of the new characters to preserve a balance of skilled and unskilled Eeveelutions, since it seems more fun to me to play using the unskilled ones, because the skilled ones just dodge everything thrown at them...... plus, through my experience in GPX+'s PANE roleplay, I now have a better idea of how to manage the roleplay threads themselves.

The new universe will probably have all three of the previous major enemies- the Brotherhood, Firebolt Clan, and the Immortals. However, unlike the previous roleplay, all three enemy teams will be at full strength. Mega Evolutions might cause some serious battlefield changes. And Sylveon gets to make an appearance now!

As Gorz and Kai are no longer active, their personal enemy team, the Blackwings, will no longer exist. If they return, then I'll give them the option to revive those rogue Eeveelutions; otherwise, there's a new opening for a rogue squadron for everyone to fight!

I will post any additions to this announcement later on, but I think this is all for now.

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